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Message From LysinBIO

Welcome to our company
LysinBIO, a company that seeks a people and technology centered enterprise.


LysinBIO specializes in developing and producing high value added, effective protein medicine, based on a world class of gene recombinant technology, fermentation techniques, target material separating purifying technology and a range of biotechnology. As a biotechnology intensive company, we are doing our best to create new technologies along with continued R&D activities.

The bio industry sees itself emerging as the next future growth industry across the globe. In particular, the bioscience and biotechnology are considered an essential in the 21st century. In this sense, we are proudly researching effective protein medicine which are closely relevant to the improvement of the quality life of human beings.


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Under the aegis of advanced technologies accumulated over many years, LysinBIO continues to carry out R&D and invest in facilities in order to be a global leader in the field of the medical protein medicine area. To this end, we apply a proactive stance in order to keep up with the fast changing world economy and technology and strives to be a market leader aiming to achieve the central position of future change.

Apart from the exclusive research in the bio industry, we are now on track for developing a creative convergence technology in connection with chemical and IT technologies. LysinBIO aims to expand its research areas ranging from the existing medicine areas, to the environment of the globe, which is the foundation of our lives.

Employees and executives at LysinBIO are all devoted to providing top notch products and the best customer service on the basis an evolving passion, and a challenging creative spirit.


Thank you.

                                                                                                                       CEO   Byeong-Mook  PARK

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